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As heard by students in the year 2361!


We often hear someone refer to a song as a ‘timeless classic.’ The word ‘timeless’ is defined as ‘not affected by the passage of time,’ or ‘never ending, eternal.’ It suggests a song that will be remembered centuries into the future. What will future societies remember of the 20th century? Which of our songs, movies, and television shows will stand out? What 20th century world leaders will be revered? This is what Archivillia is all about!

We’ve created a short audio file of our Professor Rawlins introducing new students to the University of Archivillia in the year 2361. His introduction ends with a song he proclaims to be ‘one of the most classic songs of the 20th century,’ a song he describes as ‘a masterpiece of writing.’

To make Archivillia interactive, we give you the option of downloading his speech and following it with a song of your choice. We’ve included some samples of the types of songs we think will be remembered in hundreds of years. Enjoy!

To learn more about Archivillia, read the scenario. Or, hear what students of the future have to say about the 20th century in their valedictorian speeches. For a humorous look into the future, checkout our comics. Teachers, we’ve prepared a quick list of questions you can ask your students after they visit Archivillia! Come back soon and hear the pilot episode of our audio drama, titled ‘The Bells of History.’

An Alternate View of History

In the year 2361, there will be about three hundred and fifty years worth of new music, movies, and television shows created. It’s likely that many of the mega-stars of the 20th century will be completely unknown by then. We’ve created this alternate view of history, simply to get people thinking and to create discussion. Who will be remembered and who will be forgotten?

We call this audio file, ‘The Forgotten Musical Artists.’ We hope it stimulates your imagination! Post your thoughts about who will be remembered or forgotten on
our bulletin board.


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Archivillia is pronounced ‘ark-uh-vill-ee-uh’

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