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In the year 2361 camping is a very rare pleasure. Professor Rawlins, who teaches 20th century music history at the University of Archivillia, has special privileges that allow him to take his students on a camping trip each semester. This adventure is a truly magical experience for the students. Adding to the magic, Rawlins arranges for musicians to accompany them and play classic 20th century songs around the campfire.


What songs will they still sing around the campfire in 350 years? We’ve prepared a campfire scene from 2361, where students are enjoying a break away from the extreme pressure of their Archivillia studies. Imagine how 20th century music will be interpreted by students in the future!

We hope you enjoy this Archivillia campfire scene, and hope it will inspire you to create one of your own. If you are interested, please contact us. If we like yours, we’ll put it on the site! You can reach us at:


To learn more about Archivillia, read the scenario. Or, hear what students of the future have to say about the 20th century in their valedictorian speeches. For a humorous look into the future, checkout our comics. Teachers, we’ve prepared a quick list of questions you can ask your students after they visit Archivillia! Come back soon and hear the pilot episode of our audio drama, titled ‘The Bells of History.’ And, feel free to post your thoughts on our bulletin board about what songs will be sung around campfires in 350 years!

Archivillia is pronounced ‘ark-uh-vill-ee-uh’


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